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Growing your online home business to a level where you are able to earn a good amount of money takes time, effort and support from others. It’s very difficult for you to succeed if you do not have a mentor, if you do not have other people to support you. Even those successful online marketers you hear being talked about started slowly and gradually grew their businesses with the support of others.All successful online home business owners have gone through some learning experience. If you intend to start an online home business or if you already have one and you haven’t gone through this learning curve, then you are yet to begin the journey to your success. You need to discover the sources of learning by going out there to ask or to look for the valuable information that will enable you to achieve your goals.Which people can you learn from?There are numerous sources of information but let me share with you six of them that I consider to be very important.1. Look for role models.As you do your online home business, it’s important to look for people who are currently doing what you do and do it so well. When I started my online home business, I had to look for information related to graphic designing, online marketing, article marketing, web designing and a lot more. My focus was on getting people that were excelling in each field and were doing financially well.Since I started my online home business, I have discovered a good number of role models with whom I have established trusting working relationships. I consult them where I need support and I learn a lot from their online businesses now and again. If you are seriously looking forward to succeeding in your business, it’s important you look for such role models, who will support you to grow your online home business.2. Successful entrepreneurs.If you know any successful entrepreneurs around you, you will discover that they have all gone through some tough times. It’s never a smooth road to riches. They have had many times failed experiences before they had a breakthrough. One characteristic of successful entrepreneurs that cuts across is that they make their ideas to happen despite any challenges or temporary defeat. The reason why I tell you to always rub shoulders with successful entrepreneurs is that they usually think positively and this can in turn motivate you to grow your online home business.3. Successful online marketers.Having an online business is one thing, but taking it from one level to another requires skills in marketing. Do you know any successful online marketers? Why not use them as your mentors? Look for marketers in your area of specialization who have plenty of information, knowledge and skills to share with you. Remember that these are specialists with a lot of expertise and who can easily help you to make your business a success.I have used popular marketing forums to learn new knowledge and skills from experienced online marketers and this has helped me greatly. I also make contacts with them out of the forums to seek the support needed to grow my online home business.4. Other business owners.There are many other businesses like yours which are already successful. Look for them online or in your country. Many times, they feel good to help you as long they notice that you are not their direct competitor. Try it out, you will get helped and end up being successful.5. The mediaHave you ever noticed that there are numerous marketing ideas around you and everywhere you go? Why don’t you take advantage of that to get ideas that can work for you? The media is a good source of marketing ideas, which you can use to become innovative and to grow your online home business.6. Life experiencesYou can also read books about real-life experiences behind the businesses that have become successful in your marketplace. You will discover that most of them started from a humble beginning. Such real experiences are good and will play an important role in growing your online home business.Finally, let me wind up by reminding you that If you find yourself ignorant in a subject, the best way to become knowledgeable is to find an expert in it to coach you or to look for a book and read it. Consider learning from others to grow your online home business.

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Growing your online home business takes time. You cannot start a business today and expect to make millions of money immediately. It takes a sustainable, broad marketing strategy to build your business. Most successful businesses, especially big ones, have dedicated and qualified marketers, who are paid to market their businesses. Although the majority of the small businesses cannot afford to employ such staff, owners of such businesses can become expert marketers provided, they have the right focus.To grow your online business, you have to invest some time in educating yourself on simple online marketing techniques and resources. You do not have to study to get a degree in marketing to build your home business to success. By just doing a few things persistently, one at a time, you will begin making sales.In this article I would like to share with you some of the most important ideas that can help you to grow your business.1. Carry out an evaluation.After setting up your online home business, it’s advisable to carry out a website evaluation to discover areas you should work on to grow your business. This can be done in two ways: by asking yourself the following key questions or by asking someone that has never seen your site before.i. What’s of interest on the website? What people see interesting on your website should be your focus to catch your visitors.ii. Can you tell straight away the product or service offered for sale? If people cannot find what your product is in the shortest time possible due to other distractions, then it’s hard to make a sale.iii. What’s your unique selling point (USP)? Spell out clearly why people should do business with you and not with others.iv. Is there a call for action? Always invite your website visitors to take action. The action to take could be buying the product, starting a free trial (in case of software) or getting more information.v. What are the benefits of the product or services? You can only make a sale if you get to know what customers Are they clearly brought out on your website? Is your website’s appearance attractive? Your website should be professionally designed with well coordinated colors and clear images to attract visitors from whom you get real customers.vii. How usable is your website? Your website should be easy to navigate. Your menus should be properly planned and visible.viii. Are your website texts easy to read? Use texts that your visitors can easily read. Not too big and not too small. Use font colors that one can read on the computer. Remember that reading on the computer is not easy to most people.ix. Are your website paragraphs easy to read? Your paragraphs should be of a reasonable length. Long paragraphs force your visitors to click away. Vary the length of your paragraphs and limit them to not more that 6 lines at most.x. Is it easy for your potential customers to contact you? As you do business, you will have people who will want to contact you. Besides, people prefer doing business with those who show their presence.xi. Is it easy to find information about the owner of the website or business? Customers want to deal with real people. Never hide your identity.xii. Do you have a capture form to capture leads and contact information of your website visitors? This should be placed in a visible place, where everyone can see it easily.xiii. How do you connect with your website visitors? Communicate to your website visitors in a more conversational and engaging tone to make them feel they are with you.xiv. Are there links to social media? Share your content with others by placing social buttons on your site.xv. Do you have visual aids to attract your website visitors? Enhance you website with videos.2. Generate trafficGrowing your online home business requires to generate a steady stream of traffic to your website. It’s useless to have a great website, a website that looks so nice when it does not have visitors. You have to concentrate on traffic generation to increase your chances to make a sale. You also have to focus on turning your website visitors into real customers.To generate traffic you have to focus on the following:i. Search engine optimization. This enables you to make your website visible by people when they do a keyword search looking for information. To increase your search engine ranking, you have to apply 3 basic ways which include keyword optimization, building inbound links and having local search listings.ii. Advertise. Supplement your organic traffic from search engine optimization with paid advertising to grow your online home business. The best way to get started is by using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.iii. Start a blog. You can easily set up a blog with WordPress or Google’s Eblogger. After setting up your blog, endeavor to maintain it by posting regularly articles related to your niche or business. This will help you to improve your website ranking as well as to build links.iv. Join social media to become part of the community for more exposure. You can join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to mention but a few.v. Use free marketing techniques to market your online home business. Some of the commonest free online marketing methods include article marketing, forum marketing, social networking, social bookmarking, word of mouth and Google’s free online marketing tools. You can easily grow your online home business with them over time.3. Acquire and use good characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.To grow your online home business, you have to acquire behaviors that will enable you to build your business and the following are some of such behaviors.I. Learn to visualize and to set clear achievable objectives.Learn to communicate effectively in your business.ii. Plan your activities.iii. Work on your business persistently.iv. Build trusting relationships with your customersv. Learn to take Believe in yourself.Finally, I would like to wind up by emphasizing that you can easily grow your online home business if you follow the above steps one by one. You do not have to do things hurriedly. Take your time. Work on your business slowly by slowly but persistently, you will find yourself building a successful online home business